Five key actions

Action 1


Promote and increase age- and

gender-responsive and inclusive

programmes that contribute

to the protection, health and

development of young women,

young men, girls and boys

within humanitarian settings.

Action 2


Support systematic inclusion

of engagement and partnership

with youth, in all phases of

humanitarian action, through

sharing of information and

involvement in decision-making

processes at all levels, including

budget allocations.

Action 3


Recognize and strengthen

young people’s capacities and

capabilities to be effective

humanitarian actors

Action 4


Increase resources intended

to address the needs and

priorities of adolescents

and youth affected by

humanitarian crises, and identify

ways to more accurately track

and report on the resources

allocated to young people in

humanitarian contexts.

Action 5


Ensure the generation and

use of age- and sexdisaggregated

data pertaining

to adolescents and youth in

humanitarian settings.